How to solve the error "Failed to store screen shot" in Android

I am currently developing a video game with Unity and reaches the point that my players can share images of their achievements.

At the time of testing the apk on my android device with this code:

public void Share(){
     Application.CaptureScreenshot(Application.persistentDataPath + "/Screenshot.png");
     //Next Actions here....

And the following error is displayed on the console (with debug “adb logcat -s Unity”):

I/Unity(4460):Filename:./artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 65)
I/Unity   ( 4460):
E/Unity   ( 4460): Failed to store screen shot

And why not be able to share their records :frowning:

I wonder why my PC (where I work with Unity3d version 5) if I can perform the screen shots, but in my android device are not performed.

According to the CaptureScreenshot documentation, the filename is automatically appended to persistentDataPath on mobile devices, so when you do the append yourself you end up with an invalid path.