How to spawn objects from CSV file


I have been trying to work out a code for awhile now that reads a CSV file, parses the data, and then plots objects based on that data (x,z). Although I am able to parse the CSV file and print the array, I am not understanding how to instantiate objects based on this data.

I have hit a roadblock and really not sure what to do at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Thank you

#pragma strict

//This code is used to parse a CSV file and also to spawn objects based on that CSV fi
// Big thanks to Seth Iacangelo aka Dark Shot of FF XIV

var csvFile : TextAsset;
var prefab : GameObject;

var x = new Array();
var y = new Array();
var z = new Array();
var count = new Array();
var id = new Array();

var j = 0;

function Start(){

function Longitude () {

	var stringArray = csvFile.text.Replace("


	for(var i = 3; i < stringArray.length; i+=1){

		switch (i%3)
			case 0:
				x[j] = stringArray*;*
  •  		break;*
  •  	case 1:*

_ y[j] = stringArray*;*_

* break;*
* case 2:*
_ z[j] = stringArray*;
j = j + 1;

// Test to see if the array in longitude can be accessed from without. Eventually this code needs to spawn the prefabs
function print(){

* for(var t = 0; t < x.length; t+=1)*

* {*

* var block = Instantiate(prefab);*
* block.transform.position = new Vector3(0+t, 0, 0+t);*
* print("The coordinates for line " + x[t] + " are " + z[t] + “.” + " Height = " + y[t]);*
* }*

Your problem is in setting the position (assuming your CSV file is in the right format for this script). t is the iterator that you use to iterate over the array. So x[y] are the x coordinated, y[t] are the y coordinates, and z[t] are the the coordinates.

Now, when you print, you print correctly (you print x[t], z[t] and y[t]), but when setting the position, you use the iterator itself as the value (you use 0+t).

So change the position setting line to:

block.transform.position = new Vector3(x[y], y[t], z[t]);