How to specify the asset serialization format as ForceText instead of project setting

Hi EveryOne

  • Setting ForceText through a project acts on all assets, which poses a problem:
    • The whole project is bigger compared to Mixed or Binary.
    • Some other assets like Go, Scene take longer to instantiate.
  • The benefit of ForceText is that vcs can be merged
  • So the original intent of this problem was to rationalize the advantages and disadvantages of ForceText
    • Partial serialization of asset text, especially for multiple editors.
  • This is not a need, just a question, if there is no ready-to-use program
    • Directly forcetext
    • Or in the text to save can be, just no way to directly use the engine object system features, such as serialization, property binding, etc.
  • Then this question, checking the official forums, the same question has long been asked:
    • Link to the original question:
    • Then the official did provide a feature: PreferBinarySerialization , but only for the ScriptableObject system, meaning that regardless of the project settings (even ForceText), the priority according to the binary serialization
    • Then thought, is there a similar priority text serialization features, such as: PreferTextSerilization, but actually no …

I just wanted to comment that we have seen this question / feature request and brought it to the relevant team. Thank you for the feedback!

Also, we don’t have any plans in that direction yet, and questions regarding the roadmap are outside of the scope of this Ask The Experts round.