How to speed up my building Process for my 3D game?

Dear poeple, I am trying to build my project since two days now. But unfortunately my main scene takes forever to build. I also disabled the terrain already, set everything statoc, enabled occusion culling, but my framerate is still very low and as I said, it takes ages to build. laoso the light is already in baked only mode. Does anyone have an idea how I can help it?
ps. my pc is quite good and it’s building ONE Scene with almost everything diabled for 2 hours now.

Thank you guys!
alt text



Go to Window > Lighting > Settings. Turn off Realtime Global Illumination. That should reduce the time a lot. I think (but I’m not sure) that if you turn off Baked Global Illumination it will help too. If you want a little extra time reduction, turn off static lightmap on all objects.

I hope this helps!