How to Split Animations in Unity 4?

How the hell do I split animations in the new Unity 4 Interface, Im sure the option has disappeared… :S

Basically almost the same as in older versions of Unity, if you used them. You have to click on the asset containing the animation, and first specify a rig: click on the “Rig” tab in the inspector, and set it as ‘Humanoid’ if it is a human (if it is not, set it to ‘Generic’ or ‘Legacy’), and just hit “Apply” at the bottom. Then you can go into the “Animations” tab and do it: make sure the ‘Import Animation’ checkbox is checked first, then click the plus button to add a new clip, or click on a clip to edit it. When you click on it, you’ll see a slider below the animation name, and under the slider there are frames that you can set manually if you like.

That’s not the answer :wink: There USED to be the functionality where you would import the FBX, and the animations were split FOR you without the complete hassle of doing it manually. You don’t always have frame numbers for animation sequences, so it’s complete hunt and peck process to figure them out. Previous to 4.x, this was basically done for you automagically. Now, it’s gone. WTH happened??

here,I give my answer ,maybe it just works for me.First,you can select your FBX model ,then you click the Animations tab and you can add your clips into three or more.Second you shoud click Rig tab ,select the animation type as ‘Legacy’.Third ,you also can add an animation component for your model in Hierarchy,then drag your animation clips into it.hope it helps

Suppose you have model.fbx and model@run.fbx, model@idle.fbx, first switch animation type of the three to Legacy in Rig tab, then select model.fbx, uncheck Import Animation (very important), and then you get run and idle animation auto added to animation component of model.fbx.
It works for me on Unity 4.3.4 on Windows 7.