How to split one view frustum between multiple cameras?

Hey all,

I’m doing some experimentation…it might not seem obvious why one might want to do this, but bear with me.

Basically let’s say I have one camera with one view frustum. I’d like to be able to render its view instead in a tiled way with 4 cameras. Effectively I’d like 4 cameras each responsible for one quarter of the frustum of the original camera. Their combined output should be exactly the same as the single original camera with one frustum. Their frustums, combined, should cover the same volume as the original camera.

Any ideas how I should set this up? I’ve tried messing with view port rect and fov but I think I’m on the wrong track… Thanks for any help.

If I understand you correctly, you just have to get the proper numbers in the rect and fov. But you also have to aim each camera in the proper direction.
So camera 1: x=0; y=0; w=.5; h =.5;
camera 2: x=.5; y =0; w=.5; h =.5;
camera 3: x=0; y=.5; w=.5; h =.5;
camera 4: x=.5; y=.5; w=.5; h =.5;

This should tile 4 camera views for you into a single (100%) frustrum view. Then you’ll have to adjust the FOVs as well as the camera rotations so that the cameras are displaying what you want.

What you’re looking for is called a Scissor rect. Unity doesn’t implement it in their api, but you can do it with a simple script. I go through the setup step by step in this question Screen is 2 cameras with each different properties. - Unity Answers

This sets up only two cameras, but you can easily extend it to more.