How to start a Particle Systhem when an Object appears?

I am working on an campfire script. I used the “simple base build” script by speed tutor and developed it to an “Build a campfire” script.
So, my problem is that when the finisched campfire object appears, it should have an particle systhem (Fire) on it. Here is an part from the script. It works fine, but i dont get how to let an particle systhem appear. I try it for two days now… You are my last hope! :smiley:

GameObject.Find(“B3”).GetComponent(MeshRenderer).enabled = false;
GameObject.Find(“B4”).GetComponent(MeshRenderer).enabled = true;
GameObject.Find(“B4”).GetComponent(Light).enabled= true;
GameObject.Find(“B4”).GetComponent(AudioSource).enabled= true;

(“B4” is the campfire Object that needs the particle systhem)

I hope you can help me! :0

Attach the particle system as a component to the object B4 and try to use this:

GameObject.Find("B4").GetComponent<ParticleSystem>.enabled= true.

save particle system as a prefab->assign it to a variable in the script attched to the B4 object->instantiate the particle system at the same position as the B4 object

public ParticleSystem fire;
private vector3 pos;
void example()
   GameObject.Find("B3").GetComponent(MeshRenderer).enabled = false;
   GameObject.Find("B4").GetComponent(MeshRenderer).enabled = true;
   GameObject.Find("B4").GetComponent(Light).enabled= true;
   GameObject.Find("B4").GetComponent(AudioSource).enabled= true;
   pos = GameObject.Find("B4").tranform.position;