How to start animation of a respawned child?

I have a child GameObject that, when killed, is respawned by an empty parent GameObject. The reason I have an empty parent is because the child has an animation attached to it, and I want the transformation of the child's position to be relative.

Anyways, when the child is killed, it sends a message upwards to its parent, which then causes the empty parent to respawn a new child (really, all it does is set "active" to true on the child). However, when the child is reactivated (i.e. respawned) to the new random position of its parent, it no longer animates.


The child is disabled, its empty parent moves to a new random location, the child is reactivated and shows up at the new location of its parent, but the child is no longer animating!

Here is the respawn function in the script attached to the empty parent GameObject:

function ReSpawnEnemy () {
    transform.position.x = Random.Range(-4, 4);
    transform.Find("Enemy") = true;

I found that by Destroying the enemy (child) objects and then re-instantiating them in the ReSpawnEnemy() function of the parent, that this causes the animation to start correctly.