How to start the UnityPlayerActivity from a java plugin that overrides the basic Android Activity

basically i have made a Java plugin for Android that overrides the main Activity class. It’s called ContentDownload and it’s instantiated from the AndroidManifest file fine and all is well.
The problem is that when it is finished my UnityPlayer doesn’t start up. I.e. the app just waits there on a black screen.
If i remove the call to the plugin from the Android Manifest then the game runs perfectly fine.
So i’m wondering if anybody knows what call i need to make inside my override of Activity that will start the UnityPlayer - or how i find that out.

i think it should be something along the lines of
UnityPlayer.currentActivity.startActivity(… ??

All help greatly appreciated!

…and the answer is something like this…

if(result == RESULT_OK)
final Intent intent = new Intent(this, UnityPlayerActivity.class);
final Runnable displayUpdate = new Runnable()
public void run()