How to start Unity app from web page in iOS or Android

We have an e-learning platform which starts up HTML5 or javascript games and activities. These communicate back to the e-learning platform via web services calls in JSON.

We’d like to integrate Unity3d games and activities, but are not clear on how they could be started in an Android or iOS context.

They can be started by a web player from a standard web page with the Unity3d webplayer plugin.

What about on an Android phone or an iPad? Our application runs in the browser on these devices. I’m not aware that there is a plugin available for mobile browsers, or that there is a way to start an app from a web page. Any suggestions welcome.

Unity webplayer works only on desktops, not mobile. But you can launch an app from mobile browser by implementing a “Custom URL Scheme” in your app, it’s supported in both iOS and Android (probably everywhere) so your developer can just google it since it’s not Unity-related but something that you need to implement in your platform specific source. The app must be installed of course from their respective stores.