How to stop 2D sprites from "sliding"/parallaxing on top of a tilemap base in a 3D environment

Hello all.

This may not be something that can be fixed, as I assume it is intended functionality for a perspective camera. I am making a 2.5D game in 3D with 2D sprites tilted 45 degrees on the x-axis. movement is locked to the xz plane. I have a tilemap for the ground that is also in the xz plane. The issue i’m having is that when moving (esp along the x-axis), my sprites that aren’t the focus of my camera seem to be "sliding " along the tilemap. I’ve attached a video to show what i’m talking about, although it might be hard to see. Concentrate on the bases of the signs to see it best. It doesn’t seem to be happening, or at least not as noticeable on the larger sprites of the trees or stumps. I’m hoping there is a fix for this that i’m just not seeing if not, I might just have to switch to orthographic view.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I apologize for the annoying audio in the video. I just did it in a hurry so I could post this question before I went to bed!

Link to video

Sorry everyone, I figured it out. The pivot on my sign sprites was set to ‘Center’ instead of ‘Bottom’ which added extra space between the ground and the actual sprite. I guess I just needed some sleep!