How to stop a boolean from going back to false

Hey, so right now I’m making the Unlocking Ships sections of my game. The process basically works by the camera looking at a ship, finding out how much it costs, and then if you have equal to or more money (set in PlayerPrefs) than the cost of the ship, you have the option of buying it.
Once you buy the ship, the boolean value that determines if a ship is unlocked or not (shipUnlocked : boolean[]) is set to true, and you then have the option of using that ship or not.
My problem is that if you close out of the game and reopen, the shipUnlock boolean will default back to false, and your ship is no longer unlocked, but you’ve still spent the money to unlock it.
Does anyone know of a way of stopping boolean variables from resetting?

Any boolean that is not explicitly set at runtime starts as false. When you run the game, it changes but when the game is closed, those changes are lost in cyberspace. The next time you run the game, the game creates a new boolean initialized to false.

All that said, the answer is in your question itself. Just save whether the ship is unlocked as a player prefs, although you’ll have to cast it to zero or one.

PlayerPrefs.SetInt("ShipUnlocked", 1); // true

and to access:

   shipUnlocked == PlayerPrefs["ShipUnlocked"] 
   if(shipUnlocked ==1) //then the ship was unlocked previously`

Although you could just set anything for the key and then check to see if playerprefs has that key. (but then if the ship has to be locked again, you would have to remove the key from playerprefs)

Player Prefs persist over multiple instances of the game. A better example of this is a string. The first time you play a game, you might get prompted to enter a user name, that could then be stored in player prefs. After that, whenever the game runs you can set the username to whatever the playerpref was.