How to stop character from moving the second there's no input

Hi there, I’m working on a 2d game that’s from a top-down view, so there is no gravity or drag.
However at the moment if you stop pressing down on the keys, the character will still move for around a second in the direction it was moving.
Does anyone know what I can change so that the character will stop immediately after there is no input from the keys?
The keys being - A, W, S, D, and/or the arrow keys.
Thanks in any case, have a great day!
P.S I am using animator so that I can change the appearance of my character when is faces different directions.

void Update()
movement = new Vector3(moveX, moveY, 0.0f).normalized;

    animator.SetFloat("Horizontal", movement.x);
    animator.SetFloat("Vertical", movement.y);
    animator.SetFloat("Magnitude", movement.magnitude);

private void FixedUpdate()
    transform.position += movement * Time.deltaTime * move_Speed;


Based on your comment regarding movement input:

moveX = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
moveY = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");

The “problem” you’re describing lies in using Input.GetAxis() without understanding how the axis is being defined/applied.

There’s a lot of information packed into each input inside the InputManager; the value you’re looking for personally is “Gravity”

Speed in units per second that the
axis falls toward neutral when no
input is present.

(Essentially, you can think of that as simulating a looser analog stick-based input while using discrete keys)

As an alternative, you could consider using Input.GetAxisRaw(), which ignores those defined input smoothing settings to immediately snap to the keys’ all-or-nothing state.

Same problem with me brother