How to Stop Collider from Moving?

Hello Guys I have this really strange problem.

I made a level for my Top Down Shooter game using Polygon Colliders to for the walls so my character doesnt move through the walls. But Once I run the game, If my player hits the Wall, it’s collider moves along with the player. I don’t have any Rigidbodies on my Wall Colliders but I have a Circle Collider and Rigidbody component on my player (gravity Scale set to Zero since its a 2D Top Down game).

See Attached Photos:

Any Help Would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

I have gone through this problem, you need to add box collider manually and add rigidboyd2d and gravity=0;

I solved the problem! There was a rigidbody sitting on one of the colliders that I didn’t see. It had gravity and everything so that was the cause of my problem. I removed all rigidbody from all of my colliders and that seems to be the best solution since if a collider doesn’t have a rigidbody it is set to be a static collider (which means that it will not move!). So glad I sorted this out but in the process learned a lot though!

Sad to say but I ended up Answering my own Question haha :smiley: