How to Stop GameObject(character) from shaking

I had believed that having multiple large gameobjects with thousands of verts and setting the camers “Far” Clipping Plane to over 2000 would cause more gameobjects to be rendered at any one time during gameplay and that it may be the cause of the shaky game .

or having objects scaled too large …

But after removing all my gameobjects and only leaving the player in the game but when i run the game my character … which is a spaceship still shakes while flying.

Could too many ignored errors in my game cause this ?

here is the flight simulator pack from which i got the codes for the ships motion and camera motion script

For others who have this problem
there are a few possible causes .

(1) the motionscript on your space ship return to its (0,0) position overriding the rest position value which in my case is (0,0,0). you will need to ensure that you smoothly return to rest position after moving through any angle .

(2)you need to check the follow script on your camera, executing the camera follow script in LateUpdate may help.

(3) the issue is caused by spatial jitter which is caused by pacing objects too far way from the (0,0,0) of the scene or creating rather large gameobject with massive scale values.

Using LateUpdate for updating the camera position solved the issue for me.

LateUpdate worked here too. I knew it was an easy fix.