How to stop instantiate spawn ?

Anybody know how can i stop cloning object when the game finish / times up ?
I’am using InvokeRepeating to clone object, this is the script :

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SpawnerScript : MonoBehaviour {

	public float spawnTime = 5f;
	public float spawnDelay = 3f;
	public GameObject[] myPrefab;

	void Start () {
		InvokeRepeating ("Spawn", spawnDelay, spawnTime);

	void Spawn() {
		// Instantiate a random prefab
		int notPrefabIndex = Random.Range (0, myPrefab.Length);
		Instantiate (myPrefab [notPrefabIndex], transform.position, transform.rotation);


Thanks before…

Simple. Look at the API:

if (/*Game over condition met*/){