How to stop loading of a scene that's loading using SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync ?

Use-case scenario:

  1. Scene is loading using SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync (loading is not complete yet)

  2. Suddenly we need to stop the loading of that scene, so we try to use:

    AsyncOperation asyncOperation = SceneManager.UnloadSceneAsync(scenePath);
    But the returned asyncOperation is NULL!


  1. How can we stop loading of a scene?

  2. Alternatively, how can we unload a loading scene?


Further tests made. Decided to wait for LoadSceneAsync to complete (to avoid the null-return of AsyncOperation), and once it completes, scheduled to start automatic UnloadSceneAsync. That call to UnloadSceneAsync does return non-null AsyncOperation (good part), but the operation (unloading) NEVER finishes (bad part)!

Help Anyone! Is this a Unity bug? Is there are workaround?

Reopened to add link to forum with possible answers (for anyone who finds this in the future):