How to stop mecanim animations from going back to the default state between loops?

I’ve got a character built for legacy that Ive imported as mecanim humanoid. In the preview, the animations loop just fine, (and are imported as loop pose) but when they are running in the game, instead of looping they go back to the default state. If I hold down the “w” key (which I’ve set to tell the character to walk), then it will walk, and then as soon as it has completed the animation, it will drop back to the start of the default animation and then go back to walk. So it means walking is very jerky. Same with all other animations and I don’t know how to fix it. Also if I change the transitions in the inspector, they won’t save, and it also doesn’t look like the animation is starting at the start, but if it won’t let me slide the blue starting thing left, only right. Sorry if this is confusing. Any help greatly appreciated.

Okay I found the answer to this on my own.

Wasted so many hours on this silly thing. Its really really really stupid and silly.

Go to your animator. Remove any transitions from “Any State” state to any other states.

These transitions kinda causes it to go to Default state.

If you need these transitions, probably put some certain condition to stop it from transitioning to default state.

Can you send a screenshot of your Mecanim setup? It sounds to me like the connection between your walk and idle, the arrow going from walk to idle, is set to “exit time”, which means as soon as the animation is done (regardless of looping), it will return to the previous state.

Change the conditions for the transition from walk to idle from exit time to something like “not W pressed”, whatever the variable you have set up for yourself.