how to stop mesh entering another mesh, both with colliders

This might be a stupid question but its really bothering me because i cant figure it out. I have a prefab mesh that is instantiated in code, so during the game all of those meshes are "clones". Anyways they all have mesh colliders and rigidbody's but when they come in contact the merge into each other, which is not what i want, i would really prefer them hit each other and not bounce off but just to not merge if you no what i mean.

can anyone suggest a solution to this probably simple problem.

thanks for all feedback.

You might want to add other types of colliders. So box colliders etc. instead of mesh, which don't always hit each other.

It's because mesh colliders with rigidbodys can not collide with other mesh colliders. The general solution is to have your entire world be mesh colliders (trees, buildings, ground, statues, etc) and have all players and player-objects like guns be box/sphere/capsule colliders.

thanks guys it works perfectly! the help is greatly appreciated