How to stop my drawback calls from.increasing and my fps from.dropping

Hie, I’m trying to make a socfer game. My problem is when I start my game,it runs very well and start to lag. I noticed that my drawback call start at around 407 and my fps at around 100. when things start to move on my screen,my drawback calls rises to.about 800+ and my fps falls to about 2.2fps. My scene has a stadium, 22 socfer players and a ball. I downloaded the models from the internet and they are said optimized for mobiles. I tried removing V-sync, using lightmapping and static batching, it has only helped in increasing my fps to about 100 and lowering my drawback calls to 200. Any other ways on how i can solve this

I upgraded to Unity 5 and used the profiler to see what was causing the problem. It was some of my functions which were causing the problems. I was Invoking certain functions without stopping them so I solved the problem by refactoring my code