how to stop other game object sound?

Hi,when i trigger an object it play a sound,this is my question:
how can i stop other game object sound with triggering this game object?

If you want to stop a sound which is playing in another object, you must have some reference to that object - gameObject, transform, collider, rigidbody etc. You can place a Transform variable in your script and assign it in the Inspector:

var otherObject: Transform; // drag the other object here in the Inspector

or you can use GameObject.Find to find it by name:

var otherObject: GameObject = GameObject.Find("NameOfOtherObject");

or get its collider in a trigger or collision event:

var otherObject: Collider;

function OnTriggerEnter(col: Collider){
    otherObject = col;

function OnCollisionEnter(coll: Collision){
    otherObject = coll.collider;

Anyway, once you have a reference to the other object, stop the sound with:;

thanks a lot Aldo Naletto for your full answering,
i try it and hopeful to solve it