How to stop Particles from rotating with camera?


Building a game, the game has a camera you can rotate by pinching the phone screen and rotating your fingers. I have a particle system on my ui and every time I rotate the screen the particles rotate with it. I want the particles to never change perspective no matter what position the camera is in, just like the other ui elements I have on screen.

In the Particle System object, click the expanding section called “Renderer” and change Billboard Alignment to World. No need to change the UI canvas.

so your partical system is attached to the canvas?
If yes, you have to change the "Render Mode " of your Canvas to World Space.
Here is more information: Redirect to... title of new-page

Or you have to place your partical system somewhere else.

Maybe your particle system object is a child of your camera object. Child objects inherit position and rotation from it’s parent. Maybe that is the problem.

Or you can try to put particle system outside of UI canvas so it is not related to the rotation of any object in the scene.

Go into the particle system component, and make sure “Simulation Space” is set to “World”. It doesn’t have anything to do with the UI, and It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the render.

@ram23 Refer to This link. It helped me and I guess it might solve yours as well.

This Link>>>>

I was having the same problem with a first-person view game. It seems to be fixed by keeping Render Alignment to View but ticking the Allow Roll box (unity 2019.3)