How to stop physics affecting gameobject

Hi, new to unity and game dev in general, go easy on me if this is a very simple question but basically i’m trying to apply the code i’ve learnt into a basic game with mechanics similar to flappy bird. Using flappy bird as an example, i have managed to create a player (flappy bird) and the obstacles it needs to avoid. I have managed to make the player collide with the obstacles by assigning rigidbody to both the obstacle (also turned on is kinematic for obstacle) and the player.
The problem i am trying to fix is when the player collides with the obstacle, it ricochets off the obstacle and moves in different directions. Now while I understand this isnt so much a problem id need to fix since if the player hits the obstacle it would essentially mean game over, however i would just like to know how to do this for future application.
Sorry if this was very hard to understand what im asking, can honestly say im terrible at explaining things haha, thanks in advance!

u can freez rotaition in rigid body compoennt:

i attached a image;