How to stop Player from pushing heavy Rigidbody Object

The tree has a mass of 500 (very heavy) yet the player can simply move it around?
Only when the tree’s Rigidbody is awake, when the tree is on the ground player cannot move it.

video of problem

Edit: I think I’m just going to make a Rigidbody controller…

Yes, as SmallLion mentioned, freezing or locking the position of the rigidbody, will not allow the object to move at all. This can be done in the constraints menu dropdown of the rigidbody component.

Another way is to set it to IsKinematic, so it can’t be moved by other rigidbody objects. However, this might cause collision detection issues, especially in 2D. @NathoSteveo

Freezing any or all positions does not work :^( it either sends it in the air or doesn’t let the tree fall at all… I’ve also tried IsKinematic which gives undesired results.
my Player movement uses a CharacterController no Rigidbody btw.

Here’s the setup @Llama_w_2Ls
the tree

the tree code that pushes it over