How to stop the repetition of a projector

I’m a a quite new with Unity, and I my question is: How to stop the repetition of a projector?

I saw some answers on other post, but it didn’t work. Look what I got:

My texture is just the borders of a square (normally black borders, but in order to be more visual, I put pink ones in this image). The problem is that the projector repeats the material in all the world. I just want to draw the square around my object (here the temple-like).

I read that I have to change the Wrap mode to Clamp (instead of Repeat), but I got that:

Now all the word is filled by the border’s color :confused:

How can I do to just draw my border around my object?

Thanks in advance,

I am also trying to figure this out!,I am trying to figure this out too!