how to stop zombie from animation and make it die

hi guys,

I am creating a zombie game. I have a player and some zombies which I have attached a walking zombie animation on it…
As my zombie moves as per the attached animation clip, i wanted to make it stop from moving when a player shoot at zombie and make it spawning and die…
Any idea how to do that?

You’ll need an Animator Controller, unity has made a nice tutorial right Here.

About the dying and stuff, I wont give away all the code because thats the fun part and we don’t want to take it away. If you have zero experience in coding, watch a video, screw around, after a while you’ll find it addictive and fun.

I also don’t think Unity answers is made for such a big question, but more for small things like “Hey, my character doesn’t move” or “How do I rotate a banana”, I think moving your question to the forums will give you more chance on a well explained answer.

GL in further exploring!