How to store and use 1k+ Images ?


i have a lot of images (probably 1k in png format) and i want to display only a portion of these images at a time. so all of them wont be used in an instance but there are a lot of images. like an encyclopedia.
so the question is that should i use them inside my sqlite database (as BLOB) or should i store them inside the unity editor and use them as sprite ?
i would appreciate if someone could say the pros and cons of these two methods.


I would recommend a simple bodge, and that is, make 1 EXTREMELY HUGE image out of all of them and just display a portion of it.
have a folder and properly name everything…

found my answer !
if you are planning to make changes to the data like updating and inserting images then you should use sqlite approach (store image as BLOB)

but if you don’t wish to make data changes (static data - which is my case) then you should use file approach which is faster and more suited

as @KureKureciCZ noted you can use sprite splitting technique which is the second way in theory