How to store different classes in prefab field?

Card game. I have a card class and list of effects for each card.
They can be diffirent like Attack, Defense, Heal, Buff, Debaff. Each effect has it’s own fields. The only in common is method “Apply”. So I think they should be descendant of some base class.
What I want is to be able to create card prefabs with dynamic list of effects in Unity GUI Editor.
But effect field in prefab script
“public List;”
does not appear in UI. How can I make it possible?

The reason that public or serialised fields do not appear for Prefabs is that they have no memory until they are instantiated. A game object has memory allocated to it but a prefab is not the same.

A common way of creating cards is using scriptable objects or a combination of scriptable objects and prefabs. Do also look for a tutorial on Scriptable Objects - there are plenty that cover card games.

I’ve found this answer totaly satisfying my needs.