How to store information in a Que correctly?

Good afternoon, this is the first time i Post on the forums so please excuse me if something is misplaced or the such.

I have a stockpile that needs to replenish its goods. To do this. it sends a request from a logistics depot for a worker and provides this information to a worker.

  • Location of where to Pick up the goods.
  • Location of where to Deliver the goods.
  • The amount of Goods to carry.
  • The Type of goods to carry.

If the logistics depot does not have a free worker available at the time, the stock pile needs to put the ‘order’ in a FIFO que to try again after a set amount on time ie 5 to 10 seconds later.

Now my problem is this. How to i store these values in a list?
My idea was to create a small prefab with a script to hold these 4 lines of information and place the game object in a que. This game object would then be deleted when a worker is found to carry this out. But i am not sure if this is the right way to do it as i am still relatively new to unity so i dont know if there is a simpler way.

Thank you for reading.

You can use an empty GameObject with a script or a general class (without Monobehaviour) for this, depending on other details of your project. Let’s assume you attach a script to a gameobject to carry out this process.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class LogisticsOrder
	Location pickUpLocation;
	Location deliverLocation;
	float goodsAmount;
	GoodsType goodsType;

public class OrderManager: MonoBehaviour
	List<LogisticsOrder> orderList = new List<LogisticsOrder>();
	public void AddOrder(LogisticsOrder order)
	public LogisticsOrder GetNextOrder()
		if (orderList.Count > 0)
			LogisticsOrder order = orderList[0];
			return order;
			Debug.Log("No orders in queue.");
		return null;

Brilliant, exactly what i needed thank you so much! :smiley: