How to stretch small resolution to larger resolution whilst keeping perspective ratio?

I (maybe foolishly) made a game in 224x256 because it’s a clone of an 80s arcade game, and that’s the resolution that game ran on.

In other tools I find that you can just full-size the game on run-time, and it will stretch to fill the screen, without losing perspective ratio.

But now, when I run the game in standalone, no matter what options I choose, the game runs at a higher resolution which shows areas outside the field of play. It’s a demo that I need to share, and I’m worried about it running on other people’s machines.

In the web player, I can get it to display at natural resolution, but it’s very small. How can I full-size it/make it bigger?

Hope that makes sense…

I came up with this for you:

var screenWidth : float = 224;
var screenHeight : float = 256;
var aspRatio : float = 0.875;

var menuActive : boolean;

function Start(){
	screenWidth = Screen.height / aspRatio;

function Update(){
	Screen.SetResolution(screenWidth, screenWidth * aspRatio , false);

function switchMenu(){
		menuActive = false;
		menuActive = true;

function OnGUI(){
		screenWidth = GUI.VerticalSlider(Rect(25,25,30,150), screenWidth, 996 , 224);

Hope it helps!