How to structure a project using a lot of asset store assets?

I love the asset store far too much and tend to use a lot of models, scripts, editor extensions, etc. in all of my hobby projects. Inevitably, this leads to a LOT of folders sitting under my project and while I tend to have a sub-folder with my own project-specific scripts, scenes, etc, the tree ends up rather long. I have tried a variety of folders to drop assets in, but I am looking to learn from community wisdom on what the right folder is to drop all my added ‘stuff’ from the store. Would it be ‘addins’, ‘addons’, ‘assets’, ‘extensions’? Maybe it does not matter? I have come across a few asset store items that are pedantic about what folder it lives in, but what that folder is, has not been overly clear to me. Ideally, I do not want to clutter my root project hierarchy with 1001 asset store folders and would really appreciate some guidance.

Unity has some reserved folder names that have special meanings; these are described at Unity - Manual: Special folder names

After that, you can use any structure you want.