How to sum a property of a class in a List

I’m using lists to be able to use more than one engine in my SpaceShip game.
So, there is the engine Class that has variable ForceGenerated and FuelCapacity.

How I can be able to use List<>.Sum*(all variable ForceGenerated)*
I don’t know the syntax to use this Sum (I saw docs on Microsoft, but I still don’t understand)

float totalForceGenerated = 0.0f;
float totalFuelCapacity = 0.0f;
foreach(NameOfEngineClass e in nameOfList)

    totalForceGenerated += e.ForceGenerated;
    totalFuelCapacity += e.FuelCapacity;


Just loop through your list and add them all in a variable.

public float totalForce;

// you probably already have this list elsewhere I'm just showing it so you see where I get 'engines'
public List<Engine> engines = new List<Engine>();

void AllForce () {
  totalForce = 0.0f;
  foreach(Engine e in engines) {
    totalForce += e.ForceGenerated;