How to support HDRP , Universal and Standard render pipelines in one project ?

The title is pretty straight forward.
I have a project in standard render pipeline (standard shader). This is currently sold in the asset store.
My question is how can I support multiple render pipelines within the same project?

If I can do that I will update my current product otherwise I will need to create two additional products, one for HDRP and one for Universal render pipeline. This does not seem so efficient way to deal with this.

Thank you for your time.

I don’t have the exact answer but I’m assuming you will not be able to do it because each time you switch your project from one of these modes it rebuilds materials and scripts and what not.

So I’m assuming the HDRP, Universal and standard are mutually exclusive so you can’t have all three at the same time in the unity project and consequently you can’t build a game with all of them included

I wanna do the same thing. I just spent a long time making a texture and just realized I can’t use it with URP. I don’t wanna switch to HDRP as this is a mobile game. I do wanna be able to just use different render pipelines for certain platforms. For example, for PC, Mac, Linux I wanna use HDRP, but for mobile I need to use URP. Maybe even have an option in game to change between them. Have you found any way of doing this yet?

A solution ?