How to support icons for different screen color depth?

Custom standalone build icon not showing on high color(16bit) depth of the screen. Standart unity icon appears instead. Still, on true color(32bit) everything works perfectly. Pics used for custom icons are .bmp and 256 color depth

The only thing worked for us so far, is to directly edit executable of our game by PExplorer.

Most applications require a color setting greater than 256 colors available through the Windows “Display Properties” “Settings” tab settings. If you need to change the color settings, please comply with the following change color and screen settings.

Images, graphics card and display device to a specific screen resolution and refresh rate display must support the resolution and refresh rate.

See the show came with the device documentation and a list of supported display modes, which contain a variety of supported display modes. Then change the color and the screen when necessary in accordance with set and change the refresh rate in the instructions, to change the screen resolution and refresh rate settings.

If icon pic properties in project are set to higher color depth, problem remains, by the way. Actually, what I want, is this: when someone with monitor, that doesn’t support 32bit color depth(only 16bit, don’t care about 256 colors actually) get’s a copy of my final build, he should see my icon on the .exe file, not standard one. Did you trying to say that Unity doesn’t guarantee that everything will work right on color depth lesser than 32bit?