How to switch model?

Hey I would want to know if there is a way to change model.

I mean when someone wants to switch between animation he generaly does that :

sequenceAnimation (); }

function sequenceAnim (){ animation.Play("Idle");

yield WaitForSeconds(5);


yield WaitForSeconds(5);



Let's say that I don't want to change animation but the entire model himself with another .FBX of the same model.

For instance the sequence start to play an animation with a model, and after 5seconds the model is switched with another model and plays another animation.

How could I do that with Javascript?


Get the position of the object,

Destroy the object

Instantiate the new object with the same vector3 and what not. can help.

That was found with Google.

Good luck!

There isn't a simple way. Not a simple way, i mean isn't there a command I can use to make the model switch itself?

Anyway I'll try your thing thank yo.