How to sync all game manager scripts in Photon PUN 2?

Hello I’m new to photon and i’m currently stuck on this problem.

I have a custom class PlayerStatus.cs that has current health, damage, playerID (I use photonView.ID) to set the values, and etc.

Then I have a GameManager script that holds the a list of PlayerStatus.cs but I’m having a problem adding the list when another player joins.

Do I use:

 public override void OnPlayerEnteredRoom(Player other) {
       //Add player to list but how?

Or is there another way to implement this?

Got it working. I just made a method that calls itself every 10 secs to check any gameobject with playerstatus.cs

void GetPlayersInTheRoom()
            PlayerStatus[] playersArray;
            playersArray = new PlayerStatus[20];
            playersArray = GameObject.FindObjectsOfType<PlayerStatus>();
            for (int i = 0; i < playersArray.Length; i++)
                if (!players.Contains(playersArray*))*

Invoke(“GetPlayersInTheRoom”, 10f);