How to Sync IK using UNET ?

I have created a simple game where a character can enter or exit spaceship to fly with it (like GTA but I use spaceship instead of vehicles), the player can take guns and Aim and shoot . for the aiming proccess I have used IK, where the player hands positons and ratations are controlled by the gun (using IK). I created all my script with UNet in mind, every think is grate but I have a problem : when the player aim, this animation is simply not synced over the network ! because I don’t use an animation, the NetworkAnimator component can’t help me ! what should I do !

All the IK movement should be processed on the local client. Figure out how to send the IK target position over network, then tell the remote player IK to follow the networked IK target position. Hope this points you in the right direction.