How to tag?

Hello Unity3D.I have a question about Tagging?In multiplayer local 4 player,Is is possible to make a character change the tag when fighting another character with a different tag?For example.Im playing with a friend locally and the characters cameras are split screen and i’m player 1 and my character is tagged player but on my screen its makes the opponent tagged as enemy.and on my friends screen he is player 2 and on his screen his character is tagged player and im tagged enemy,meaning on his screen he sees me as the enemy and on my screen i see him as the enemy.Can you make it that when someone plays multiplayer split screen the tags change depending on whos the player?If yes,Can anyone please tell me how?

You don’t want ‘tag’ as per the Unity engine term. These are designed not to be changed at runtime (AFAIK). What you really want is a Team. So just build one.

class Team: MonoBehaviour
  public int team=0;

You can then attach this script to each player & its a just GetComponent() to access which team you are in & build your game rules accordingly.