How to take my unity skill to the next level

I, in my opinion, am a intermediate level coder. But I feel like I have hit a wall, in regards to improving my unity skills. I was wondering, how does one take their skills to the next level. Is it just a lot of practice or is there something else that I should be doing.

What has been the most interesting thing for me was to help other people with their code,
reading through the forums and questions and try to get familiar with things that you might not understand. A lot of questions here on unity answers can be an instinctive to research the topic yourself to help the user. This way you’re continuously improving your unity skills.
Also making projects in teams allows you to learn a few things from your team members every now and then too.

My plan for this is both what was already said: Come here and look at questions and if you don’t know the answers already, research and test and figure it out and then answer.
Secondly, pour over the engine. Look at feature lists, look at tutorials, investigate new systems in new versions and learn what you can about them. Make small projects that use them, etc…

its impossible to hit a wall. you can always get better, aim higher. pick a target (full inventory system, character creation, procedural levels, AI, etc) and attack. then try to make them all work together.

unity answers is a good place to keep your skills fresh by trying to solve other peoples issues, but its up to you to up your game and only you can control how fast/slow that process is