how to test quest 2 game without building it to the headset

right now if i want to test out the game I have to build the game to my headset to test it.
this takes a lot of time and there is some stuff I want to check in the editor while the game is running.
how can I just test the game without needing to build it every time?
thank you!

If you set up Oculus link via the Oculus desktop app, you can test directly from the editor just by pressing the play button.

You can do this by having an extra path the code can take if you have no headset connected. Allow app to skip/fail Oculus initialization. And for example handle input for mouse and keyboard if not in VR.

bool bInited = InitOculus();
if(bInited) //extra check for headset
    UnityEngine.XR.InputDevice headDevice = 
    if (headDevice == null || !headDevice.isValid) bInited = false;
if (!bInited)
    bNoVR = true;
    Debug.Log("Error initing VR, continue with no VR");

So just disconnect your headset and press play.