How to test single scenes with UNET?

We started adding a multiplayer mode to our singleplayer game, using UNET. So far we use the NetworkManager to load online scenes from an offline scene and this works fine.

However, if we want to test an “online scene” standalone (just hit the play button, without switching to an offline scene before and starting a host), UNET automatically deactivates all GameObjects which have a NetworkIdentity attached. This then leads to problems in the initialization of the level.

Is there a way to tell Unity to not automatically deactivate the objects or event treat this scene as an online scene, even without starting a server?

I’m not sure if I follow your question right, but I’m working from a single scene just fine, simply have the NetworkManager and NetworkManagerHUD on the one “online scene” and fill the offline and online scene slots with this same scene on the manager.