How to test standalone OS X app?

Hi! I followed every possible tutorial on how to sign and submit app to the Mac App Store. I managed to upload the build to the iTunes Connect, but I wasn’t able to run and test it on my mac after signed.

I built the app, I signed everything inside with a developer profile, I made an installer package, I successfully installed it using Terminal. I see it’s listed under Applications, but when I click on it, it asks for iTunes credentials and after that it says, the app is damaged and needs to be deleted.
How can I run and test it?

Same thing happens to me. I found some storeuid errors in the Console - see my question on that here: Sandbox errors trying to test my game

The same exact issue for me!

I followed tutorials precisely, uploaded the build to itunes connect with no errors. BUT. I can’t run the game locally.

When I try to launch the game, Appstore credentials windows pops out, I enter my password and then there is a “app is damaged and needs to be deleted” message. Can’t get rid of it. I think I’ll just send my game on review and see what will happen.