How to test with iPad 4.2 Simulator?

Apparently there is an issue with SDK 4.3 apps not working on my machine LLVM ERROR: Cannot yet select: error, so I’m trying to test out my app using SDK4.2. In the player settings I select:

  • SDK Version: iOS
  • Simulator 4.2 Target iOS Version: 4.2

But then I get build errors in XCode, 8 of them like:

Undefined symbols for architecture
referenced from:
objc-class-ref in libiPhone-lib.a(VideoTexture.o)

All about _AVCapture stuff. I don’t use anything to do with that in my project. How do I build my project without Unity including those things, or how to I get it to build otherwise?

Just FYI, the AVFoundation.framework is included in the Unity-iPhone project in XCode.

I gave up and am now just using a device to test.