How to texture custom terrain pieces?

Hello guys!

I am currently working on the RPG game, and have come across a problem with terrain.
I want to make use of gradual loading and “unloading” of 3d ground from scene, I would be inclined to use a pre-modeled pieces of ground (with sculpted height). However, I saw that Unity really asks the user to go with it’s default (really basic imo) terrain.

Yes, it can be vertex painted, which means we don’t need huge texture files for it, only couple of our materials. But it can’t use more advanced techniques, such as light mapping or Parallax o. mapping. And it can’t be loaded/unloaded as 4 or 8 pieces around the main character at runtime.

  1. If I am using a gradual loading, custom terrain pieces, do they have to be pre-unwrapped (for diffuse + light maps)? Or do I vertex paint them?

  2. Do I supply a custom texture for each piece? (my fear is that 2048 are not good enough).

  3. What happens if I want to make use of parallax o. mapping? I suddenly have diffuse, normal, parallax and a light map per piece :s

Looking at what other people did, ex: this video, I wonder how they got around this problem.

Thank you

For diffuse you would have to unwrap yourself however a lightmap UV can be auto generated within Unity.

Try using occlusion culling, it’s easy to set up and will not render objects that aren’t in the cameras view.

Also if you wan’t you can create the terrain in a 3D software, if you were to create it in 3Ds Max you could apply a texture then slice it into pieces with preserve UVs enabled.