how to texture game objects?

So I have been avoiding this part of my project for a long time, but its time for me to get it done.

I have no idea how to texture my game objects in unity. I modeled my objects with Maya, and saved a UV image of my model. Now how would I go about applying this UV to my gameobject?

I have no idea where to even begin :/ and please dont link me something from the reference manual, ive tried looking there for help, and the answer may be there, but it doesnt help me.

Import the models texture(s) then, Select your 3d mesh, then in the inspector section there is a box, Under the shader/material area that says alt textNone: (Texture 2D) drag your skin texture there. Also there might more than one texture box, depending on the material shader being used.

Just to clarify, you won't actually do any UV'ing in Unity - you do that in your 3D application. Once you've imported your model and textures into Unity, you can apply those textures in Unity. You may have to create a "material" for your object, assign the texture to that material, and then the material to the object. It's hard to say without knowing what you're seeing when you import your object.

Ok first if your UVs are painted and textured, you are done, if theyre not I strongly reccomend photoshop to paint them, there are a ton of tutorials in youtube on how to do this. Once youve completed your uvs import them into Unity and just assign them to their models, it is the same process you use to assign anything in unity Drag-Drop.

Good Luck.

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Check on the net i forgot where but there is a patch for maya about it…i had the same problem now its good…just check for the patch…