How to track facebook invite?

I am working on a assignment in which Player signs in through Facebook and invites friends to play the game. These friends can in turn become allies to the Player and form a team. Virtual Currency is given to the Player for every invitee that installs and signs in using Facebook. Can anyone help me to achieve this functionality ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Salvador,

I’m assuming that your making an app? And using the regular Facebook SDK for Unity? These things are worth mentioning in the question.

Check out deeplinking, that’s your answer.

Easy enough to do in theory. I have not yet implemented a system like this.

  1. Call your own method each time a share occurs
  2. Store the facebook ID of the friends in your online database. Store the inviting user as well
  3. Whenever a user logs in or installs your app compare their ID with the existing ones in your database. Award cash as appropriate