How to track large buildings using Vuforia (or similar Augmented Reality Extension)?


I’m currently working on an Augmented Reality project with Unity 5.1.1 and the Vuforia 4.2 Unity extension. One important aspect of the project is the tracking of large buildings, which are to be overlayed by 3D models of previous stages of the buildings. The varying lighting situation is to be considered.
Vuforia supports Object Tracking, a method to track smaller (toy-like) Objects and augment them. This method is not practical for larger objects though.
My initial approach (before using Vuforia) was to use the Metaio Extension for Unity, which supports Edge based tracking and tracking using CAD models. Since Metaio has been acquired by Apple and is going to end its support this december, this is not a convenient option anymore.

Are there any Augmented Reality SDKs (preferebly offering a Unity extension) that offer tracking methods for large buildings/objects (similar to the ones Metaio offers)? Did anybody work on a similar project and could share his experience?

Thank you in advance.

Have a nice day!

Hi - I am doing buildings in the built environment, maybe we should talk outside of here? The key is the distance between the target and the object. Keeping in mind the users perspective as they move away from the target when Smart Terrain Features come into play - in theory that is.