How to transfer game data from iPhone to Android?

I am new to Unity and planned to develop a game for both iOS and Android. Now people tends to own multiple devices, so what the solution to let the user easily move their data from one device to another?

I don’t think you can transfer games from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone due to these are different system and don’t support for each other.

Nobody and no software can do it, if somebody can move games apps from iPhone to Android, then the games also can’t run on your Android phone,

but if you need to move contacts, messages, photos other data from iPhone to Android, Maybe Phone transfer, Gmail works for you.

You can transfer app from iPhone to Android but I don’t think you can transfer the game data.

yep, game apps can be transferred in this way. But it’s hard to transfer game data. If the game needs an account, you may be can play games with history. But you have to restart the newest level. But you can develop a game application which can transfer data history like some social chatting app. Option about sync chatting history exists.

If you want to transfer game data from iPhone to Android, you need to find a mobile transfer tool to help you, due to different system, it is not supported to transfer data. But mobile transfer tool is allowed, you can try it.

You can try MacDroid. Best apps for transfer file for MacOS to android!