how to translate normal 3d project to VR?

Hello, i have a 3d project for 3d medical image visualization that i would like to bring into VR (oculus go specifically).

i’m able to build and start the project on the oculus go (after following all the steps in an online tutorial) but after the unity splash screen finishes, the screen just goes dark.

however, the sample VR scene ‘cubes’ works when i build it from the same project, so i know my project settings are working with VR.

i suspect that the problem is you can’t just load a 3d scene and expect it to work in VR…does anyone know how to translate a 3d scene into VR using unity?


While I cannot answer this question specifically for the Oculus, I could proffer an answer for projects that are using SteamVR. In the case of SteamVR, one needs to import the SDK and then replace the scene’s main camera with the camera for the HMD.

Take a look at the camera and the camera properties for the scene which works for you, what you probably need to do on your existing scene is just replace it with a camera that will render to the HMD you are using.