how to transport a character control?

i am making a game and im very new to unity i want my character to travel up to the next floor by a wind pushing it but i think i will cheat slightly and transport it instead up to the next level and use an air sound to save some time is there an easy way of transporting the 3rd person controls?

if you could explain in step by step processes as i dont really understand code too well but i slightly do

thanks very much


ok I’m assuming your moving to the next area by an updraft or something.
To create this effect is just checking for if the players body is within certain coords, then adding a force to it, whether your using Rigid Body or character Controller for your physics it should be pretty simple to get him there.

For RigidBodies:
use RigiBody.AddForce();

For Character Controllers:
use CharacterController.Move();

the wind sound should be looping on the updraft object.

visuals for the wind can vary, particles are one way to go… you can use clouds, leaves or just dust to make the wind visible , and make them continually rise in that direction.

as a list of instruction it would be something like

  1. Create a Empty gameobject
  2. Add an audio Source, assign your sound
  3. check PlayOnAwake and Loop in the Audio source.
  4. Setup a particle System
  5. Tweak the particle system to your liking
  6. create a C# , US(aka Java) or Boo script.
  7. Use Code to edit the players transform when within the tranform
  8. Test and Debug

Particle Systems: Unity - Manual: Particle systems


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